Ahead of the Threat | J2 | 2021 Big Bang

Title: Ahead of the Threat
Words: ~48,000
Summary: FBI Special Agents Jensen and Jared have been partnered for almost two years now and Jensen’s been falling in love with Jared for about as long. Finding the criminal doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does their story. Told through four cases, this fic follows an episodic/procedural format as Jensen and Jared’s relationship grows, they catch a lot of bad guys (and girls), and they save each other’s lives. Featuring art by quickreaver
Ratings/Warnings: NC-17/what one would expect from any procedural crime show – violence and side character death; descriptions of dead bodies, fight scenes, and crime scenes; discussions of (but no scenes/descriptions of) sexual assault, murder, racism/white supremacy.

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Notes: Written for spn_j2_bigbang. This story was sparked when I got into watching the CBS show FBI earlier this year and instantly cheered for Maggie and OA as totally excellent partners :D Then I had a few ideas and this started taking shape. Thank you so so so sosososso much to ashtraythief, zubeneschamali, and saltyoppossum for all your help and support for sprinting and the roundtable alpha reads!

My greatest appreciation is to kelleigh who betaed the hell out of this thing, pointed out my missteps, and helped me make it so much better than it already was. I know she put a hell of a lot of time into this over the last three weeks as I kept working on it and finally bringing Part 4 together.

THEN The fabulous quickreaver claimed me - so lucky this year working with a great friend and talented artist. Thanks for being my partner in crime and working with me again! Please go give her love for her pieces!

AND FINALLY - thank you wendy for running this challenge year after year after year ... it's stressful as hell but I don't know what I'd do if we didn't have Big Bang season to keep us on our toes ;-)

I Get a Kick Out of You | J2 | NC-17

Title: I Get a Kick Out of You
Rating/Warning: NC-17, bottom!Jensen, top!Jared
Words: 3200
Summary: Jared has been to every one of Jensen’s soccer matches in the last four years, but this one is different … It’s the Major League Soccer Cup Final and there’s a different kind of celebration to be had. Featuring lovely art from quickreaver!
Notes: Some pro!soccer!Jensen for one of my favorite people kelleigh! Happy belated birthday and a happy Arsenal season! Also, big thanks to Cris for the lovely art!! You are a goddess in all ways. And thanks to zubeneschamali for the beta!!

I took some liberties with team names just for Kels ;)

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Making Headways | J2 | NC-17

Title: Making Headways
Pairing: J2
Rating/Warning: NC-17/too many transportation innuendoes?
Words: 5000
Summary: When Jensen traveled to a work conference, he did not expect to run into professional crush and celebrity geographer Jared Padalecki, let alone make a total fool of himself …
Notes: Written in honor of zubeneschamali’s (belated) birthday! Life - and quarantine - is better with you in it, my dear!

Much of the commentary on transportation came from googling around (college courses, transit initiatives, city web sites), as well as my own time working in the field. Apologies if I misrepresented anything!

Thanks to kelleigh for the beta! Remaining mistakes are mine.

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Gen: staring deep down

Echoes and Silence | Sam/Dean | R (spn_j2_xmas)

Title: Echoes and Silence
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating/Warnings: R/Spoilers for 15.20, main character death, suicidal ideations
Words: 4400
Summary: When his brother dies, the world goes quiet.
Notes: Written for amberdreams for the 2020 spn_j2_xmas challenge. Her prompt was You’re going to die in your best friend’s arms. / And you play along because it’s funny, because it’s written down (Siken). I tagged this as Wincest; in my head it is but there is nothing super obvious and it could be read as gen/gencest.

I listened to a lot of sad songs while writing this, especially the Foo Fighters’ Home, from the Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace album.

Big thanks to the Zoom Crew who helped me brainstorm some of this, especially to ashtraythief and zubeneschamali for beta.

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Birthday Boy | Sam/Dean | NC-17 (SPN_Masquerade)

Title: Birthday Boy
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1800
Summary: Written for Fall 2020 spn_masquerade for the prompt: Sam wants to celebrate Dean's 40th birthday and asks him what he would like. A party? Binge drinking and hustling pool like the old days? NO! What Dean wants is for Sam to buy him a grocery store birthday cake, strip naked, and sit on it nice and slowly for him. Then Dean wants to lick it off his ass, balls, cock, and hole ... Happy fucking birthday Dean.

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It Lights Up the Night | Sam/Rowena | NC-17 (SPN_Masquerade)

Title: It Lights Up the Night
Pairing: Sam/Rowena
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2600
Summary: Written for Fall 2020 spn_masquerade for the prompt: Sam and Rowena have sex after a narrow escape from danger. Explore Sam's relationship to fear, survival, resignation, self-destruction, pleasure.

Notes: Set in Season 10. Shades of dubcon, but in my head, Sam does really want this in the moment, then wonders if she's manufacturing it a bit to make it easier for him.

Title from Fleetwood Mac's Gypsy.

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The Boys | JDM/Jensen/Jared | NC-17 (SPN_Masquerade)

Title: The Boys
Pairing: JDM/Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2700
Summary: Written for Fall 2020 spn_masquerade for the prompt: Jensen and Jeff indulging Jared's anal fixation by spending the whole weekend playing with Jared's ass.
Notes: Though there are references to daddy and Jensen following Jeff's orders, this is not intended to be D/s -- just shades of how they play together with Jeff at the head of the triangle. Jared is early 20s, Jensen in his 30s and Jeffrey in his 40s.

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