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Nc-17 | 100 Days to Domestic Bliss (and other messes) | J2

Title: 100 Days to Domestic Bliss (and other messes)
Words: 20,800
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Chad. And swearing.
Summary: Jensen falling for Jared is easy. Living with him is not.

Written for: strangeallure for spn_j2_xmas! So! Funny story! She gives me shit all the time for making my guys wait to be committed and to develop feelings and apparently they always move at a snail's pace. So, when I received her as a giftee, I knew what I had to write. This is for all those times you complained that trainboys waited to long for sex and that too many years flew by before soccerboys got married. *smooches*

Big, big thanks to raeschae for an excellent beta and being a great sounding board through this whole thing.

OH! And thanks to big_heart_june for helping with pics and such :)

Part One --- Part Two --- Part Three
Tags: 100 days and messes

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