December 11th, 2010



I got my spn_j2_xmas gift! And it's wonderful!

New Year's Revelations | morgentau | R; 5,335 | It's New Year's Eve and Jensen's friends think he has to loosen up a little. And then there's alcohol involved and a dorky giant who turns Jensen's world upside down.

Gosh, I love that Jensen is terribly snarky, because hello! Default position! And how he just goes along with it all while Jared is a wonderful mix of dopey, fumbling, and sexy. The inner monologue is so fun and bitchy, I love it lots and lots and lots :)

In other news, I've had a few shitty days in a row, to the point that I went to bed at 6pm yesterday and didn't get out until 1:30pm today. I wasn't watching TV, I wasn't reading, I just kept sleeping. Then I read this fic, got out for errands, and started a Christmas music dance party with my niece and nephew that lasted nearly an hour and dragged my dad out of his perfect mancave of an office. So, you know, cheered right up, and now I'm ready for Christmas :-D