December 26th, 2010

Gen: In a faraway land he still loves

R | In This World Here, He Fears

Title: In This World Here, He Fears
Words: 4,200
Rating/Warnings: R for flashes/memories of violence and death
Notes: Timestamp for In a Farway Land, You'll Find Yourself (2010 Big Bang) to grace_fully's prompt for Jensen seeing too much in now!Jared that reminds him of Cassidonia!Jared, and cue much freaking. Or something like that, lol.

I LOVE MICHELLE. Y'all have no clue. And so, because she's one of my #1 pals, I'm breaking (for the second time) my pact to not timestamp a specific verse and giving in to her wants and needs ;-) This is for her birthday and Christmas and just for being so fucking awesome and brightening my life on a regular basis. I hope this lives up to something in some way, somehow. IDEK!

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