August 6th, 2012

Gen: they sneak up on ya

comment fic meme!

I have decided to ignore all responsibility today ;-)

Comment with an existing verse from my master list and a brief prompt

YAY! Random writing when I should be doing other things :D


The AC is out and Jared is grumpier than Jensen
Jared reading off someone's iPad on the train
Dealing with children on the train

Love is a Funny Thing (2012 Big Bang)
Danneel, Jared, and Jensen are drunk, and Danneel is begging them to make out

Player Number Two

Broken Bone (physical therapist Jensen/basketball star Jared)
Packing for The Olympics
The guys go to a music fest and Jared worries about being recognized

This Long Silence (2011 Big Bang)
They finally make it to the Pacific

Best Laid Plans
Jared's first time babysitting the twins alone
Bath time shenanigans
The twins' first day of school

A Most Awesome Coach (soccer)
Road Trip

First game of the season

Sex in a car in the dead of winter

In This Windy City (copfic)
Staying together but hardly acknowledging it
Jared gets hurt and Jensen freeeeeaks

100 Days
10 years later