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NC-17 | Day 405 | J2

Title Day 405
Words: 4400
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It's their one-year anniversary and Jensen's got to find the perfect gift.
Notes: Timestamp/sequel to 100 Days to Domestic Bliss (And Other Messes)

There’s only the sound of fractured breathing as Jensen stretches himself out beneath Jared. They smile together, and Jensen shifts his legs wider just as Jared tucks fingers beneath Jensen’s hips. Jensen chuckles deep in his throat as Jared rolls his hips into him, slowly nudging him up the bed.

Jensen releases a deep sigh that drops into a groan when he pushes down onto Jared, clenches his hole around Jared. He smiles. “You’re too good to me.”

Jared dips close, lips opening for a soft shhhh before he kisses Jensen. His mouth overtakes Jensen’s and he keeps rocking into him, swallowing up all of Jensen’s words. He keeps up with the gentle shushing until Jensen takes the cue and keeps as quiet as possible.

For the first time in forever, they’re doing this at Jared’s with Chad home. And for all that there’s the understanding that even when not living together they are still married and have a rather healthy sex life, they don’t need the disruptions or snide remarks that Chad tends to drop if he hears even the slightest of noises coming from Jared’s room when they’re in here.

Planting one hand into the pillow on one side of Jensen’s face, he cups Jensen’s other cheek as he pushes hard, rocks more fluidly. It sets off a chain of sparks sliding up Jensen’s spine and he whines with the good pain. Jared thumbs along Jensen’s cheekbone, eyes caring and lips rolling into his mouth and out as he continues staring down on Jensen.

Jensen feels the connection and his stomach spins at it. He shuts his eyes and wraps a leg around Jared’s hips to bring him closer, to bring himself closer to getting off.

“Hey,” Jared whispers, the pad of his thumb touching at the corner of Jensen’s eye.

His eyes flutter open, lids still low as he watches Jared bite into his lower lip then press both hands into the pillow so he can jack his hips just a tad faster and a bit harder.

“Are you gonna come? Touch yourself?” Jared asks quietly, more curious than dirty or taunting.

Jensen shakes his head and closes his eyes again as he wraps his hands around Jared’s elbows. “No, you go,” he insists.

Jared flexes his elbows out as he changes his angle but Jensen doesn’t let go. “You sure?”

Snorting through labored breathing, Jensen shakes his head again. “Are you really looking a gifthorse in the mouth?”

Following suit, Jared chuckles as his rhythm falters. He loses balance and shifts his hands, then just drops down to Jensen, a full press of heated, sweaty skin on more heated, sweaty skin. He wraps his arms around Jensen’s shoulders and squeezes, keeps him in place as he goes for the end and starts fucking into Jensen more earnestly. Jared mouths along Jensen’s shoulder as he does so, constantly sucking and tonguing until he lightly bites into the muscle and moans, pushing in deeper as he comes.

With incredible restraint, Jensen ignores how sharply his dick aches and how much he wants to come, too. Instead, he strokes his palms up and down Jared’s back, fingers pressing warmly, and rests his cheek to Jared’s.

“God,” Jared mumbles into Jensen’s shoulder. “That was good.”

“Happy anniversary,” Jensen smirks, lightly bumping their heads together.

Jared turns with a wet kiss to Jensen’s cheek. He sits back but stays close. He shifts carefully, pulling and pushing on Jensen’s knees to rest over his own thighs. With a sleepy, fond look, he keeps his eyes to Jensen’s as he closes his fist around Jensen and strokes.

Jensen groans and grunts as he slides along the bedsheets, Jared’s sure, steady hand working him perfectly, all while still so full of Jared. Jensen shifts restlessly, bends his knees, and tucks his calves against Jared’s legs. He pushes his feet into the mattress and tries to rock up to Jared’s hand, but it’s useless. Already so heated up and over-stimulated with Jared in and around him, Jensen kicks his head back and groans lightly. It’s the only sound of his orgasm, though his blood pounds in his ears and races through his system, and he still clenches around Jared, drawing out moans from him, too.

Breathing hard and deep, gulping for air, Jensen stares up, focusing on the cut between the stark white ceiling and the soft blue Jared had painted just last week. He sniffs through a laugh as he recalls paint flicked all over each other. When he’d thumbed at a spot on Jared’s cheek, it had smeared and Jensen had rather preferred the streak staying put through most of the night and even as they fell asleep watching too much TV.

He’s fucking gone for Jared. Has known it for little over a year now, but sometimes his lungs still get tight, his throat dry, his stomach into his toes.

While he scares himself all over again, trying like hell to not think of all the ways something like this could go wrong and all the reasons they still live in separate houses, Jared pulls out and away, spends quick moments to clean them both up, and drops to the mattress. He’s on his stomach with his shoulder butted up to Jensen’s, and he leans over to playfully bite at Jensen’s shoulder.

“Glad you enjoyed that,” Jensen mumbles, sleep already blanketing him as his muscles settle and his limbs drop into the mattress.

“I did,” he nods against Jensen’s shoulder. “But it doesn’t mean you’re free from getting me a present.”

His mind spins on the thought that he has yet to figure out what to get Jared. He’d been thinking through a gadget for the kitchen considering Jared always cooks for them, but Jared seems to have everything. Clothes, something for his truck, a new work bag, renewed gym membership, even a sex-filled coupon book. Nothing really felt like the right fit.

And he’s only reminded of it when Jared shifts into view, propped up on one elbow as he rests the other over Jensen’s shoulder and reaches for his face. “You ignoring me now because that’s what you planned?” Jared asks with a tiny smile. “Just a night of free sex.”

Jensen’s preoccupied with the whisper-soft touch of Jared’s finger running up the bridge of his nose and back down. His eyes cross to watch Jared’s hand as it keeps moving slow and gentle. He bites into his tongue at the tender feel of Jared’s fingertip dragging down the underside of his nose, over his upper lip, and across his lower lip. “Not ignoring you. Just distracted,” he murmurs. He slowly tips his head towards Jared, eyes barely focused on Jared’s hand to make a point. “All of a sudden. Somehow.”

Jared slips his hand over Jensen’s jaw, holding lightly, as he moves in and kisses gentley at first then slow and thorough.

“I didn’t forget,” Jensen says with a small smile once Jared pulls back. “It’s early. You gotta wait.”

“For my present?” Jared asks with raised eyebrows, looking all too interested.

Jensen rolls his eyes then turns into Jared. “Yes, your present.” He wraps an arm around Jared’s waist and tucks himself against Jared’s body. “But it’s too early. Gotta wait ‘til tomorrow.”

“It’s past midnight,” Jared points out.

“Tomorrow,” he mumbles back. And while it calms him that he has another day to come up with a good gift, it’s strangely unsettling.

Worse yet is when they hear the chimes of the dogs’ tags followed by pounding up the stairs. Jensen flips over and tugs at the blankets in horror because for all that they closed the door, the latch never catches right and Sadie is one insanely smart and talented dog.

“Chad!” Jared yells right in Jensen’s ear. Jensen gives Jared a dirty look for it, and gets annoyed himself that the doggie gate he’s sure they locked at the bottom of the steps was likely ignored by Chad walking all around the house.

But he’s distracted by the door popping open and both Sadie and Harley charging the bed. They prance across the mattress until they nudge their way between Jared and Jensen, burrowing down in the bit of space that Jensen affords them when he shifts to the side.

Jared strokes along Sadie’s neck and frowns at Jensen. “Sorry.”

With how pathetic Jared sounds, Jensen can’t be all too upset, even when Harley shoves himself right into Jensen and rubs his cold, wet nose along Jensen’s ribs, whining for attention. He pats at Harley’s side and his scowl morphs into more of a frown. “It’s okay. Guess this truly is married life? Getting interrupted by the kids?”

There’s a smile on Jared’s face, but he mostly hides it when he ducks his head down to kiss at Sadie’s ear and scruff up the hair on her neck.

Jensen sucks his lips into his mouth, wiggles his nose, which suddenly itches, and then clucks his tongue as he sits up. All at once, he nudges Harley closer to Jared and leans over as he says, “Okay, I’m gonna go back,” and drops a kiss to Jared’s cheek.

Jared grabs his wrist and tugs. “Wait, right now?”

He gently clears his throat and twitches his nose again, instantly feeling the tickle inside. In the past year, Jensen’s discovered a lot of things: how to love someone, to be patient, to pick up after himself, and that he’s quite allergic to animal dander. “I have to. Or else I’m gonna start snottin’ all over you.”

“That’s so romantic. I love you,” Jared deadpans.

Jensen smirks and moves back in for a solid kiss at Jared’s lips. “My charm is unmatched.”

“The dogs are really bugging you?”

He lightly frowns to the disappointment there. “Starting to. I don’t wanna be here and be miserable.”

“Baby,” Jared mumbles.

Jensen smirks again and sits up to pull his pants on. “I’m delicate.”

When Jensen glances over his shoulder, Jared’s eyes are no higher than his waist and his lips are curling just right. “That you are,” he murmurs.

Shaking his head, Jensen sighs, so wishing the dogs weren’t right there, wishing he didn’t have to worry about leaving moments like this. He carefully leans over Harley again and kisses Jared’s temple. “Breakfast tomorrow,” he says more than asks.

And when Jared response surely as Jensen leaves, he tries to ignore the strain in Jared’s voice.


Jensen can’t sleep. It’s not so much tossing and turning as an absolute absence of rest. There are nights this happens, and then he usually passes out while hanging with Jared that next night – watching TV, lounging on Jared’s back porch, far too soon after sex. He just figures that work is hard and he and Jared have healthy libidos, he needs his rest sometime.

But when it keeps happening at night, it becomes more and more frustrating, which just keeps him up even longer.

Especially when he’s sure the cure is to just spend the night with his husband. To literally spend the night and relax with Jared, whom he loves more than life itself. But Jensen can’t seem to get himself to stay put once they’re reaching late night hours.

He knows it’s stupid and it’s hard to argue the fact much longer. A California King, Jared’s bed is the larger of the two, but Jensen insists he’s used to the feel of his own bed. Other times, Jensen insists on the ease of his own closet, staying out of Jared’s way when he cooks breakfast for them, being able to still spend time with Danneel on occasion. But he knows that’s not the answer.

Which is why he gets up at three in the morning and surfs the net, taking notes and measurements, considers logistics for wall space and doorways.

And in the morning, Danneel staggers from her bedroom, hair mussed up and yesterday’s eyeliner chalking up her face, and then she stops abruptly as they stare at each other. Jensen’s in his doorway with a tape measure and pencil, and she’s looking like death warmed over, just getting over a cold.

They keep staring for quite a long moment until her voice cuts like gravel. “What’re you doing?”

“Nothing,” he replies.

She shuffles a few feet towards the bathroom then stop, turns, and leans against the wall to looks at him again. “Are you tearing down your bedroom?”

Jensen nearly glares at her for such a stupid question. “Why would you even go there?”

“I don’t know,” she admits, rubbing knuckles into each eye. “What are you doing?”

“Couldn’t sleep.”

She tuts then chuckles as she moves into the bathroom. “God, you’re a baby.”

Jensen leans into the closed bathroom door, brain going a mile a minute and trying to ignore the fact that she knows him all too well. “I am not!” he yells back.

“You are, too!” she shouts over the shower she starts up. “If you’re forcing Chad into my home again, I’ll throw out your entire card collection.”

“I’m not forcing Chad in,” Jensen replies then makes a face and goes back to his room.

He starts to pull clothes together for the workday and sighs heavily as he glares at everything hanging in his walk-in closet. He shoves hangered pants into one corner, starched shirts into another and looks at everything smashed into a smaller space. He finally settles on a plain white button-up and grey slacks hanging on the other end, fresh from the cleaners.

Ten minutes later, he’s mumbling , “Whatever,” as he passes Danneel in the hallway. She laughs in return and he decides to ignore her for the rest of the day.


What he can’t ignore is the sweetness coating his tongue from Jared’s French toast. Nothing special, just a dash of vanilla amongst the creamy egg batter and some generic maple syrup, but it hits the spot. Especially as Jared traps him against the counter with a messy kiss, all maple tongue and powder-sugar lips, and does his best to distract Jensen from his need to leave for work.

“C’mon,” Jared murmurs with a smirk. “Just a little sugar for daddy.”

“Mmm-no,” Jensen mumbles as he tries to slide away. “Papa’s gotta go earn his paycheck.”

Jared starts nipping at Jensen’s chin, running along his jaw, and smiling into Jensen’s skin. “So you can buy me the perfect present?”

Jensen tips his head to give Jared more room, even when he knows he should be walking out the front door. “You’re a li’l hung up on this, you know?”

Pulling back and standing straight, Jared tilts his head and pushes his tongue against the inside of his cheek. Just as quickly as he’d shifted into obvious annoyance, Jared changes over to strangely calm. He picks at Jensen’s collar, flattens it with careful fingers, and leans in to peck the corner of Jensen’s mouth. “Go earn yourself some cash.”

“Jay,” he says, hands slipping from Jared’s hips as Jared slides away.

“Go on to work. You’re gonna be late,” Jared insists, still sounding a bit bothered.

Jensen watches him move to the sink and sort out dishes, ready to wash the few they’d dirtied. After a long breath, Jensen clucks his tongue and reaches for his jacket resting on the back of a kitchen chair. When he pulls it on and turns back around, Jared’s leaning against the sink, eyes tired but staring. “What’s wrong?” Jensen asks briskly.

“Nothing,” Jared sighs, going back to the sink.

Closing his eyes briefly, Jensen does his best to temper any flare of anger. “Are we really doing this? Tense arguments and silent treatments?”

Jared shakes his head and snorts. “You’re the one with the –” and Jared clucks his own tongue. “Know that’s when you wanna say something really good.”

“What does that even mean?”

“It means that,” Jared fires back as he spins to face Jensen, but he stops there. “It means nothing. Are we really fighting today?”

Jensen spreads his hands out with a small shrug. “I don’t know, are we?”

In the past year, they’ve had their share or disagreements that become tense and awkward when neither dares to elevate emotions. There have been more than enough times Jensen’s wanted to put his foot down and throw his hands in the air to something so trite as not caring about the previews on a rented movie. But he likes to think he’s been getting better with diluting any bitter reactions.

So, he steps up, drops a quick kiss to Jared’s mouth, and attempts a fairly content smile. “I’ll see you tonight. Come by around seven?”

Jared’s eyes flip between Jensen’s until he manages a meager smile. “Okay.”

“Okay,” Jensen nods with one last touch to Jared’s hip before he leaves for work.


Jensen gets stuck late at work, late enough that he’s rushing through the kitchen to get dinner in order and Danneel’s still milling around because he hasn’t had the chance to properly kick her out just yet.

She’s rambling over her own work day, a client who couldn’t stop staring at her chest long enough to really consider what kind of financial trouble his books are leading him toward.

“I thought you liked showing off the girls,” Jared quips as he appears in the doorway to the kitchen, giving her a broader smile than Jensen.

Which, Jensen tries to ignore, focusing instead on the pan of chicken he’s cooking on the stove.

She smirks at Jared. “Maybe after midnight when I really let it all out.”

“What a li’l minx,” Jared laughs. He sets a long but slim gift box on the edge of the counter closest to him, one small patch of clean surface. “What’re you doing?” he asks strangely as he looks over Jensen and the mess of food and dishes across the rest of the kitchen.

“He thinks he’s cooking,” Danneel says.

“Can’t we just order in?”

She chuckles. “I told him to. But, you know.” And then she shakes her head at Jensen and clucks her tongue.

Jensen spins away from the stovetop with a sigh. “Okay, can we all just stop for a minute?” He points at Danneel. “You, get out. And you,” he motions towards Jared. “Relax. It’s just food.”

Jared and Danneel both talk over each other to argue back to Jensen, but he simply raises his arms above his head and closes his eyes. He’s exhausted and tense from work, not to mention having to deal with Jared after this morning, and now these two ragging on him when he’s just trying to do a good thing. Just one good faith effort for his husband on their first anniversary, and instead, Jared and Danneel turn on each other when she fires off another ill-time cluck of the tongue.

“Just say what you want, Danneel,” Jared sighs. “I don’t speak in tongues.”

“What’re you talking about?” she grumbles.

“The two of you,” he says, pointing at Jensen and her together. “Your own secret language, and when you get pissed and don’t wanna say something that would feel really good to get out, you tsk and clack tongues and it’s so fucking infuriating.”

Jensen can see Danneel’s shoulders rise at the challenge in Jared’s stare and she sticks her tongue at the corner of her mouth then glares at him. “Fine. Maybe I’m tired of having my life upended because you two can’t decide whether you want to coexist or not.”

“Now what’re you talking about?” Jared asks.

Jensen’s ready to ask the same but it all flashes in his brain with worry before he can stop her from saying, “Idiot’s been measuring his room to move shit out. Can’t ever make his mind, so I’ll be stuck with Chad until Jensen loses his cool once again.”

Jared’s eyes widen and he looks right to Jensen, who can feel his heart beating right out of his chest with the power it has. And now he smells the burning of the chicken breasts left far too long, and he has to shuck it all into the sink and pour water on the charred pan.

This wasn’t exactly how he’d been planning it, and she wasn’t exactly right, but either way, he no longer keeps it under wraps and pushes Jared and Danneel away from each other, looking at her first. “You’re an asshole, thank you very much. And I don’t even know what the hell I wanna do right now, but that’s a great way to spoil our anniversary.” He turns to Jared and softens his look and voice, but he’s still feeling tense yet tired. “I just wanted to –”

“You wanna move in together again?” Jared asks with shock.

“I wanna do something different,” he admits. “And I was gonna ask in an entirely different, possibly romantic fashion.” He glares at Danneel, who is looking appropriately guilty. Then he glances across the counters, all trashed with spilled sauce, overcooked chicken in the sink, and a pot of noodles only just starting to boil that he promptly shuts off. “After we ate dinner, or something.”

When he turns back to face them, Jared moves right up to him, hands holding his jaw as he kisses Jensen hard, lips puckered and barely moving, but there all the same. Jensen releases a breath, relaxing against Jared with his hands automatically going to Jared’s hips, and his head tilting to the perfect angle as their mouths open up to each other and run slickly together.

Jensen loses track of all worries, thrilled by Jared’s intense reaction, by Jared now leaning into him, forcing him into the counter with a long press of his body as their tongues go slow but wide and deep inside each other’s mouths.

Danneel clears her throat, just barely interrupting. Jensen waves at her but stays with Jared’s kiss, happy when he hears the front door’s lock catch with her on the other side of it.

When the kisses gets even more sluggish, small pecking motions breaking the long presses of tongue, Jensen reaches into the front pocket of his slacks and pulls out a small box, wrapped in smooth silver paper.

Jensen stays close, moving only enough to see the box and take it from Jensen, carefully unwrapping the paper until he fumbles the top off and stares at the single gold key set on white tissue paper.

Jared’s staring at it for a long while until he looks at Jensen and quirks his mouth for a second. “So, you want me to move in here?”

“It was a thought.”

“And the dogs?”

“At least our basement’s unfinished. We can outfit however we need to,” Jensen insists. “Make it their space.” Jared’s eyebrow rises and Jensen awkwardly smiles. “And I’ve got an appointment set up with the allergist to talk more seriously.”

Jared’s eyes soften and he looks at the key again. “You’ve really thought this out, huh?”

“For all of today, yeah,” Jensen jokes. Then he goes on to admit, “Been trying to figure it out for a long time. Today was the first day it really made sense.” Jared nods, staying surprisingly quiet and still, just staring at the key. Jensen taps at his hip and smiles. “So what’d you get me?”

“Well, nothing quite as big,” Jared replies with a shake of his head. He passes the slim box to Jensen and breathes deep as Jensen opens it and pulls the gift certificate out.

“Cooking lessons,” Jensen says flatly.

“Real fitting now, don’t you think?” Jared jokes. Jensen looks up and is now the one staying silent. “It’s for two,” Jared explains. “We go together. I thought it’d be nice to have something to get out and do together.”

“Okay, yeah,” he concedes. “But you’re totally gonna be teacher’s pet. I just know it.”

“You can measure the flour for me,” Jared smirks as he moves in to nip at the corner of Jensen’s mouth. “But until then, can we order in?”

Jensen finally laughs, totally giving in.


There’s a hard drop to the bed and Jensen wakes with it, grumbling as he glares at the red numbers of his alarm clock reading 4:07 a.m. “What’re you doing?” he mumbles.

“Bathroom,” Jared mumbles back.


“Because my body says so,” Jared smarts back.

Jensen burrows deeper into the comforter and shifts his head just right on the pillow to fall back asleep. He’s just barely there, feeling his mind ease away from all thoughts as sleep pulls him under, but then Jared sighs and flops on the bed and Jensen sighs, too, kicking the blankets away in annoyance.

“Sorry,” Jared murmurs. “Can’t sleep.”

Turning to his other side, Jensen slips closer to Jared, resting his arm over Jared’s hip. “Why can’t you sleep?” he mumbles.

“I don’t know. It just feels weird in here. I can’t relax.”

It takes a few minutes for Jensen to get his brain working well enough, but he runs his hand over Jared’s hip and down over his ass, kneading and pulling Jared closer while sliding his leg between Jared’s. He leans in and sucks kisses into Jared’s collarbone and moving down his bare chest as Jared hums in appreciation. He slides his hand around to the front and into Jared’s boxers as he reaches for Jared’s face with his other hand to softly kiss him. It doesn’t take much to get Jared off; Jensen’s learned the best ways to get Jared going fast, and Jared pants into Jensen’s mouth as he comes, chest rising and falling at a steady rate.

“You good now?” Jensen asks, voice sleepy and deep.

“Mmm, almost,” Jared mumbles before nudging Jensen to his back and slinking down the bed. In minutes, he’s sucking Jensen off, has him hot and worked up, legs sliding along the sheets and his hands over Jared’s head. Jensen’s groans and pushes off the mattress as he comes, fingers tight around Jared’s hair.

When Jared slips back up the bed, Jensen’s smiling lazily with his eyes closed and muscles loosening up. He’s just about to fall asleep when Jared lays his head at Jensen’s shoulder and his arm across Jensen’s stomach.

“Now we’re both good,” Jared says, kissing Jensen’s jaw before settling against Jensen.

He runs his hand up Jared’s back. “Yeah, we are.”
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