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NC-17 | In the Deep | girl!Jensen/Jared

Title: In the Deep
Pairing: girl!Jensen/Jared
Words: 2500
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It's the first time since that last time on the bus, and Jenny's got a little something to show off.
Notes: for the gracious xasterisk for her donation with help_japan, a timestamp to the girl!Jensen verse. ♥ to raeschae for the quick beta!

Six years ago, Jenny’s parents split and her father married his secretary cum mid-life crisis. Since then, she’s had to spend summers four towns over with little to do while her father put in long hours and her stepmother paid little attention. Beyond utter boredom, Jenny has always felt abandoned and lonely. She hated that they didn’t ask how her day was, didn’t question what she was up to the other nine months of the year.

For the first time in six years, she’s thankful to be dropped off at her dad’s house, because it is in fact closer to where Jared lives and it gives her the chance to invite him over.

It’s the first time they’ll see one another since the last day at the bus stop, that memorable bus ride through town where no one noticed that her whole world changed.

For once, her stepmother asks what she’s doing, eyes Jenny’s tight tank and short shorts, and notes how she rushes into the kitchen to grab two water bottles and rushes right back out.

She follows Jenny out to the back patio with her hip cocked against the open sliding door, flimsy coverlet flickering in a tiny breeze. Jenny stops near the underground pool, testing it with her toes dipping in a few inches.

“Yeah?” Jenny asks tiredly.

“Are you having friends over?”

Jenny pulls her hair off her shoulder, twisting it to the other one. She’s nervous as hell to have Jared here and see how absurd her 32-year-old stepmother – Kristy, sigh – is in little to nothing, all so she tans evenly and stays cool in afternoons. Jenny shoots her a look and puckers her lips in annoyance.

“You’ve never had friends over,” Kristy says slowly.

“I never wanted to have friends here before,” she replies, smiling when Kristy rolls her eyes and turns away.

The gate hitches and both Jenny and Kristy turn towards it. Jenny bites her lip so she’s not grinning, but she can feel the blush rising at the sight of Jared strolling across the lawn. He’s in a snug v-neck, worn-down khaki shorts, flip flops, looks every bit the All-American College Boy, and he’s here for Jenny.

He smiles at Jenny though his eyes fade away, glancing at Kristy and lifting an eyebrow with a little oh sound. He stutters a step or two as he approaches Jenny. “I didn’t know you had a sister.”

She rolls her eyes, sighing when Kristy tilts her hips even more sharply against the doorway. “That’s so sweet of you,” Kristy murmurs. “Jenny, gonna introduce me to your friend?”

Jenny rings her finger into one of Jared’s belt loops and shakes it lightly. “This is Jared. And that’s my stepmom,” she grumbles, pursing her lips.

Jared waves and chuckles awkwardly under Kristy’s leer. “This is kind of embarrassing,” he whispers. “She’s staring at me.”

Dragging her fingers down Jared’s shirt, Jenny smirks up at him. “Well, stop looking at her,” she insists, feeling confidence swell knowing that Jared’s here for her, that even he’s put off by Kristy’s behavior. “You up for swimming?” she asks.

He smiles, a little cocky and a lot like the first times they talked. “I am.” He glances over to the doorway where Kristy still stands, and mumbles, “She’s not going to watch us the whole time is she?”

“I hope not,” she murmurs, leaning into him. When Jenny steps back, she crosses her arms, grabbing at her tank, and slides it up and off, showing off the little patches of pale blue fabric that qualify as a two-piece. Jared’s chest rises quickly with a harsh breath, and she smiles at him then right at Kristy. “We’re good here!” she calls out. “You can go back to Oprah!”

“You two let me know if you need anything,” Kristy replies. Biting into her lower lip, she adds, “Jared, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Jenny rolls her eyes again and shucks her shorts down. She tugs at the back edges of her bikini bottom to right them then dives right into the pool, a smooth, arching slide into the water she’s perfected in the last six years. When she surfaces, she bobs with her breasts just breaking the surface, and it’s obvious Jared’s not looking anywhere else. She leans back, spreading out to float and slowly paddle her feet. “You gonna join me?”

It takes a few moments and a couple steady breaths until Jared stands tall and smirks at her, all familiar confidence returning. He pulls his shirt off and tips his head as he considers her. “No more shy girl from the bus stop?”

“She’s still around,” Jenny replies lightly.

Soon enough, Jared’s got his shorts down to the ground and he steps out of them to show well-fitted navy board shorts underneath. He takes a handful of steps and jumps in, splashing and making her laugh and splutter as she moves out of her float and just wades in the deep end as he swims towards her in long, fluid strokes.

He meets her at the corner of the pool closest to the house, keeping them hidden. He dips down in the water, small smile on his lips just before he kisses the corner of her mouth and his hands set at her hips to keep her in place. “Water’s all warm,” he murmurs.

“You feel warmer,” she replies softly, eyes hiding under low lids. Him crowding her like this reminds her of all the ways he’s charmed her these last few months, reminds her of how she waits for every step but always trusts him.

His hands slide up her sides, thumbs running along the thin strand keeping her top together. “This is a really nice swimsuit.”

“It’s new.”

“For this summer?”

Jenny licks her lips and nods, thinking of how she’d spent hours at the mall to find the best-fitting, least-covering swimsuits possible. She leans into him. “How long can you hold your breath underwater?” she asks playfully.

“Long enough. How long can you?”

“Forty-seven seconds.”

“No way,” he laughs, thumbs running along the bottom edge of her top.

She shivers with it, no matter that it’s pushing a hundred in the air and it’s at least eighty in the water. “Hit my new record yesterday.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Pulling his hands away, she lets herself slip down in the water, the surface breaking at her chin then at her tiny smile before she drops completely under. Water rushes inside her ears but she can still hear her heart pounding. No matter, she has other plans right here, gotta make the most of her forty-seven seconds, and she immediately unties Jared’s trunks, nudging them down when they’re loose enough.

She licks at the head of his already flushed cock, smiles around it when he flinches and she can hear a muffled Oh God from above water. She opens her mouth around him, sucks and mouths at the skin, moving quickly in her limited time, keeping her lips tight to avoid taking in too much water. He’s well turned on and hard, hips giving short pushes into her mouth as he lays a hand at the back of her head.

Pushing her past record from thirty-five to forty-seven has taken a lot of concentration and dedication these last few weeks. Hours spent pushing herself and imagining this exact scene, but she couldn’t prepare herself for the way her heart wants to leap out, it’s punching inside her chest so hard with the pressure of her lungs and the want pooling in her belly.

Her throat starts to burn and her chest clench, but she thinks he’s close, hopes he is, and keeps going a few more bobs until there’s no hope and she pops right back up to the surface. She’s panting hard with the fresh air, but she’s also smiling to his shameless look, lower lip bitten hard and red, eyes lost with lust.

Jared pushes her into the wall and tugs her legs around his waist, pushing his tongue into her mouth, but she takes it, goes with it, lets him. Because now he takes the lead and ruts against her, forces his dick against the swatch of fabric covering her pussy, which feels hot inside and out.

“Thought you were gonna play nice,” he says against her mouth.

“When have you?” she asks with a smirk.

“That’s fair,” he chuckles darkly. He holds her with a solid hand at the small of her back and slips his other fingers along the back seam of her bikini bottom, ringing his index just beneath the edge as it runs under her leg.

Jenny grabs at the edge of the pool and arches her back, giving him a better angle to touch her, his thumb sliding over the blue fabric. She rolls her hips against his hand and bites into her bottom lip, wanting him to go so much further, wishing they could do so much more here without any worry for Kristy.

It seems he senses her small bit of paranoia, and moves his hand away, holding at her waist. “What happened to my nice, shy girl from the bus stop?” he asks with an eyebrow raised.

“What happened to the cocky guy who always touched me?”

“I’m still here,” he chuckles, moving back in with his arms wrapped around her waist.

“So am I,” she smiles. She rings hers around his neck as they turn, now with Jared in the corner, keeping them up with his height allowing him to stand with his head above water. She still bobs a bit, leaving chaste kisses at his mouth, his jaw, up his cheeks. Then she glances up and sees Kristy watching them from the kitchen window, likely spying or keeping tabs on Jared or something equally absurd.

Jenny decides to treat Kristy to something else entirely, reaching behind to untie her top and dropping it at the cement just behind him. She flushes with the way Jared stares at her breasts, thumbing at the curve of them both. “I wanna see you when you do this,” she murmurs.

Jared stares back, mouth low with heavy breathing. She pulls tight on her hold around his neck, brings herself up higher and closer, and he dips down to kiss down the swell of one breast until he can lick between them, tongue laving at the tight cleavage with how she’s pressed up to him. Jenny runs her hands through his hair, combing up the back and squeezing when he closes his lips around her nipple and lightly bites it to a hard bud.

He slowly pulls at the strand on her hip, unraveling the bikini entirely, and then slides his hand down her ass to tuck his fingers right along her pussy. As Jenny rocks against the light touch, he lifts his head and watches her eyes drop to his. “You sure?” he asks.

It’s the first time he’s asked for real permission, the only time she finds it foolish to do so. She nods and bites into the words she’s been thinking nonstop since it happened on the bus.

I want to feel you for real. I want you to touch me like you mean it. I want this every second of every day.

She loosens the hold on his neck so she can lean into him, let his massive height cower her the way she likes. It also allows her to tuck her legs around him and feeling his dick slide against her. She hitches her hips up to feel it again, and he moans with it, finally grabs at her hip and himself to line up, and she pushes herself down to him. It’s a torturous slide, no easier than last time, almost worse because before she’d been worked over; now she’s dying to come undone with him.

Her arms go tight again as they rock into each other and kiss slow but messy, tongues swirling in and out, mouths impossibly wide as she whimpers through it. Water sloshes around them, and the noise of it reminds Jenny that they’re doing this outside, at her father’s house, under the mid-day sun.

The way she stretches around him is just this side of painful, but she’s egged on by his hands roaming over her lower back, spreading her ass and pulling on her so he fucks in deep. She’s heated up with the touch of his body to hers, how close they are this time, and with his eyes shining and rolling as he groans through every movement she makes over him.

When she tucks her head against his neck, she knows that Kristy can see it all. When Kristy turns away from the window, Jenny’s stomach flares in triumph, and she grins as she pushes down on him faster. Just a minute later, Jared’s pulling her off and fists himself just a few times before he comes.

Jenny stays close, tucked into him with his broad hands holding her tight. She nips tiny kisses along his jaw as his breathing steadies.

He smiles against her neck, murmuring, “Put your stuff back on before she sees us.”

“She already did.”

Jared chuckles, sounding guilty but excited, and she feels pretty much the same way. He reaches back for her top and gives it to her. She pouts but still puts it back on, and then she’s nearly giggling when he leads her halfway down the pool and lifts her to sit on the top rung of the ladder. He steps up a few and kisses her then drops back to the water, hands tight around the ladder frame as he kisses up the inside of her thigh.

When he reaches the middle, he laps at her clit, tip of his tongue pushing along it as he slips his thumb along her slit. Jenny immediately kicks her head back and groans at it. He closes his lips around her clit, sucks and licks at it quickly, messily, as he slides the thumb in and fucks her fast, answering her hurried noises. He pads at the inside of her walls, pressing down and pushing in as he keeps laving at her folds, alternating with long, flat licks that make her hips stutter down on his mouth.

Jenny twists his hair around her fingers and practically rides his face for all that she wants this. Pride and elation flood her system that they’re doing this here, that he’s doing this to her. Every nerve tingles with the feelings and thoughts, and she moans as she feels it building suddenly from pleasure into something more akin to fireworks flaring beneath her skin.

He keeps eating at her, lascivious and enthusiastic, tongue pressing intently, lips sucking harder and harder, until she can’t take it anymore. She starts whimpering loudly, tugging at his hair, and rolling her hips down, and her orgasm smacks her. He licks her through it, and she kicks her head back, arches her back, and clenches her hand in his hair a few times before letting go.

As her body quivers, Jared leads her down off the ladder and into his arms. They kiss unrushed, and she can taste herself on him. She finds it sweet and new but knows it’s something she’ll want to know more of.

They settle in the corner again, and he runs his hand over her cheek, her hair, and down her back. “So, forty-seven seconds?”

“Something like that,” Jenny says with a short nod.

“We’ll have to see if we can work on that,” he replies with a smirk.

She’s happy to.
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