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Master Post

Obligatory Disclaimer | None of these people are mine, I just like making shit up.

Big Bang 2012 written with tebtosca
Love is a Funny Thing (40K)
Summary: Everyone knows the story of how Jared and Jensen met and filled Sam and Dean’s shoes. They met in the waiting room and became instant brothers on-screen and best friends behind it. There were bar fights and red carpet fondling, Ritchie Valens and Thomas Kinkade, Christmases together and vacations apart, conventions, the writer’s strike, a broken engagement, a new co-star to love, living together, and then not. But what no one knows is what happened in the space in-between, and how Jared and Jensen had to find themselves, and each other, over six seasons of failed relationships, random hook-ups, and a coat closet confessional.

All the Secrets We've Been Keeping (5K)
Jared hasn't talked to, heard from, or seen Jensen for years. He doesn't really understand why, even if he might have an idea. What he does know is that when he spots Jensen out one night, he has to grab hold of this chance to talk to his friend again. Non-AU

Tell the Ones That Need to Know
It's been five years since Supernatural, since Jared had a steady job and really felt like himself. When he decides to spend the holidays back in Texas, he's ready for the guilt trips, the tension, and feeling vaguely unwelcome. But he's not prepared for the men who show him what life used to be like, what it really is, and how it could be.

Got a Reflection With a Different Name
It's Dean Winchester's birthday, and Jared's gonna make sure it's one he never forgets. Um, so this is cracky, and silly, and in celebration of Dean's birthday with a heavy dose of SPNish things. (4,600)

Various J2 Icon!Fics
These run between 600 and 3,500 words

12 Days of a J2 Christmas
12 snapshots of Jared and Jensen's first Christmas Together.

Master Post
Jared is in love with baby animals and Jensen is always cranky.
Cracky Artz Master Post

But Instead
His mind fights this moment, tells him to stop before it goes somewhere they can’t explain away in the morning. But instead, Jensen’s fingers tighten in Jared’s hair, keeping him on his mouth as he leans back into the couch cushions, pushing his legs out in reply.
Breaking Good
No one around them suspects that they’d jacked each other off the night before. And for a bit of the night, they practically forget, too. Until they get home and Jensen watches Jared lean into the light of the open refrigerator, one arm up and holding it wide. It’s the most casual stance and the least likely thing to set him off, but Jensen feels Jared’s hand on him from the night before, and he immediately needs relief from that pressure.
Wake-up Call
He tries to turn his head, tries to catch a glimpse of Jared behind him, but it’s hard at this angle, and anytime he starts to push off the bed, Jared’s hands anchor him right back down. He settles and takes the feelings with him, of Jared’s mouth spreading over his skin, leaving wet hot trails down to his lower back.
Taking This Thing
He sees it then. Jensen’s lips soften and his eyes darken as he pivots closer to Jared, lets Jared take the lead
Part of Five times Jensen Ackles Realized He Was in Love With Jared Padalecki

Other PWP
Trying to Hold Back This Feeling
In short, jeans porn, based on this.

Gonna Wait No More
Drunk on booze and Jared, Jensen doesn't hold back. Written for salt_burn_porn, prompt: out of control.

I'll Bring the Fire
Jared’s always raving about Jensen’s face during sex, and in a brief moment, Jensen wishes he could see it himself.

Write Out Loud
Wherein Jensen gets ridiculously jealous while they’re signing autographs and decides to make a point. Winner for Possessive!Jensen in topjensen_dean

Series of shots where their lives mimic classic West Wing moments.
The Short List
Jared likes fish. If only Jensen knew what kind.
They're bored and there are chickens.
Celestial Navigation
Jensen drives Jared to a party. Jared just drives him crazy.

Walk Right In
Jared comforts Jensen with some snugglin’
See You
Now it’s Jensen’s turn get his cuddle on
Cool Sheets, Real Fine
It's Round Three of Snuggle!Gate.
Part of Five times Jensen Ackles Realized He Was in Love With Jared Padalecki

Such a Beautiful Mess that's Breaking My Skin
Jensen didn't have a chance to tell Jared before he asked her, and Jared crumbles under the whole thing.

Isn't It a Pity
They're paid to act with each other. But they often forget to stop when it's just them.

Sharp Dressed Man
Jared and Jensen discuss their clothing choices for Vancon. AKA arlad is a damned, dirty enabler.

Jared nods a little to himself and asks the most straight forward way he can. “For the record, so I know the truth. Why are you leaving?” AKA lazy_daze's birthday present.
Part of Five times Jensen Ackles Realized He Was in Love With Jared Padalecki

Burning Room
Part One
Jensen's a tease and Jared's flustered
Part Two
Jared decides to teach Jensen a lesson about being too big of a tease.

Got a Reflection With a Different Name
It's Dean Winchester's birthday, and Jared's gonna make sure it's one he never forgets. -cracky and porny, you've been warned- (4.6K)

The Nature of My Game (Reverse Big Bang)
Jensen is a desk jockey in the Bureau of Organized Crime (B.O.C.), building a case on mob boss James Patrick Stuart with the help of undercover officer Danneel Harris, a surveillance team in the field, and a few confidential informants. Jared is the narcotics officer that impedes the operation with an interest in one of Stuart's new associates and worms his way under Jensen's skin after what could've been just a one-night stand. With a host of police officers on Stuart's payroll, Jensen's doing his best to keep B.O.C.'s operation under wraps to see it through to the very end. A possibly messy, violent end. (28K)

The Agent & the Analyst
Jensen is a surly government analyst and Jared is the bodyguard that always smiles.

Paranormal 101: How to Succeed in Ghost Hunting Without Really Trying (40K)
There are currently 19 paranormal TV shows broadcast across the world, and the Paranormal National Investigators of the Supernatural are no different. Led by Jensen Ackles, the show is a staple on the Travel Channel and of Jared’s TV (and masturbatory) habits. When there’s an opening in the crew, Jared jumps for the chance to join his ghost-hunting heroes. It’s not an easy transition into the cocky gang of paranormal experts, but Jared manages to find his way, and prove what he’s believed all along: ghosts are real. Written for rpf_big_bang.

Big Bang 2014
Into the Light of the Dark Black Night
In the twenty-second century, Chicago still stands as the Second City, but much of it has crumbled under the weight of a changed world. Failed industries and a changing climate have led to ruin, and half the city — and Earth — is not what was once promised: a strong, sustainable future. Jared has been consumed with knowing all he can about the Black Falcon for years, and is fascinated by the winged creature that once stood as the city’s saving grace. On a stormy night, Jared is spared from death by who he swears is the Black Falcon, and is spurred to track him down. There’s more to the Falcon’s story, and Jared finds himself in greater trouble than a tragic car wreck. Jared’s modern fairytale unravels on a dark and dirty backdrop, but there’s still a damsel in distress and a hero who will need saving.

Big Bang 2013
Your Signal in the Distance (27K)
Life as a psychometric is more than just being a part of the Empaths. Jensen’s specialty is reliving the deaths of murder victims, which does him no favors except in his job as a Special Investigator with the Homicide Division. That’s why Jensen doesn’t do relationships of any kind. Doesn’t even try, just shuts himself off from natural emotions. He experiences enough of them at his crime scenes. Hooking up with a stranger in a club helps to relieve the tension he carries from one murder to the next, but it complicates everything when the one-night stand, Jared, is tied to his next case. Being forced to deal with Jared cracks the facade of the well-built defenses Jensen has created to protect him from the side effects of his abilities. The way Jared slips inside overwhelms Jensen in ways he’d hadn’t known were possible, so his only option is to push Jared as far away as possible. That is, until Jensen begins to really feel.

Big Bang 2011
This Long Silence (55K)
Jensen serves as the young sheriff of Morgan Falls, a town in the middle of nowhere that never has much happen. Until the residents start to turn, becoming violent and attacking one another. While trying to manage the chaos, Jensen is concerned with tracking down his neighbor, Jared, who's been hauled out of town with others in the quarantine. As Jensen becomes more desperate, those around him are clueless to his obsession, and he begins to recall how he and Jared became so close. Their sleepy town will never be the same, nor will Jensen and Jared. Inspired by The Crazies.

Big Bang 2010
In a Faraway Land, You'll Find Yourself
In his day-to-day life, Jensen is never put first or regarded as anyone with purpose. He works for his dad, lives in his brother’s shadow, can’t keep his boyfriend a priority, and has mostly given up on himself. One magical cup of coffee transports him to the land of Cassidonia, a fantasy land that he can’t traverse on his own. The tale says the Fair Child will slay the monster keeping watch at the unruly queen’s castle, and all of Cassidonia says Jensen’s the one to do it. In this world, he has to decide if he’ll move on without much effort to change his life, or live up to his destiny and save Cassidonia and return it to the rightful rule of the princess-in-waiting.

Gotta See a Man About a Thing (10k)
Set in the 1920's, for the prompt Jared is a prostitute in a brothel. Jensen his regular client from the Working Hard for the Money v3 commentfic meme.

When the World's Burned (10K)
The Walking Dead AU. Jared's been a loner for the last three years, meaning he has difficulties when he's stumbled upon a place that's willing to keep him.

The Pollen is Out There (6K)
Jared likes being an S Agent, but he hates his partner. Or he might be in love with him. Thankfully, a run-in with some sex and truth pollens clears a few things up. Written for spn_j2_xmas, prompt: S(upernatural) Files Investigators

In This Windy City (65K)
Chicago Homicide Detectives run themselves all over the city to tie together a handful of bodies, a potential scandal with a local Alderman, an unnamed dirty cop, and a possibly even dirtier partner. In Chicago, it's not just the wind that'll get you ...

The Best Laid Plans of Jensen Ackles ... (25K)
They say the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray ... and it couldn't be truer of what Jensen and Danneel have planned for their life until Jared is suddenly a part of Jensen's. Written for spn_cinema, based on The Back-Up Plan.

The American Bachelor (22K)
Jensen Ackles is the first openly gay president, but that's the least of his worries. He's battling the press on his continued international trips to keep the peace, he has a 12-year-old to raise on his own, and he's trying to make something happen with the hot florist he just met. Jared Padalecki, on the other hand, is trying to not go insane at the prospect that the country's most eligible bachelor, and the world's most powerful man, is trying to woo him. Written for spn_cinema, based on The American President

Do You Like Pina Coladas? (10K)
Life as an ogre ain't grand, but Jensen has carved out his own little corner of the forest. When he's served with an eviction notice, he sets off to fight it, but doesn't expect to encounter a rather annoying donkey who becomes quickly attached to him. And definitely not to become a wee bit attached in return. AKA: a semi-cracky reimagining of Shrek and Donkey. Written for dragonbigbang

And the Call it Puppy Love (10K)
Taking care of two adult dogs in their tiny apartment, Jared and Jensen just barely get by. Things get a little ~ruff when they find out they're going to be grandpappies. (But Jensen will never acknowledge that name) Written for the final round of [Bad username: j2_everafter</a], fashioned after the film 101 Dalmations.

Christmas Where You Can Find It (8K)
In a world where everything is overrun by corporations, and most lands have been ravaged until their crops have been depleted, stands Jensen Ackles, a man who is the victim of a faulty transmission and what he thinks might be a kidnapping expedition..

Player Number Two (1, 400)
Jensen is a waiter in a 24-hour diner and Halloween brings out the freaks.

Come Alive (3500)
Jared was preparing for his first big case and Jensen, the controlling and power-heavy partner of the law firm, mentored Jared to confidence.

The Waiting Game (7K)
Jensen has been in love with his best friend for a year now, which makes pretending to be boyfriends at Jared's birthday party pretty intolerable.

That a Broken Bone in Your Pocket, Or You Just Happy to See Me? (36K)
Jensen Ackles is a physical therapist who couldn't give less of a crap when he's assigned to help Chicago's hottest basketball player recover from a wrecked knee. As an NBA All Star, Jared Padalecki's crass and smug as all hell, but he's also persistent and committed to this thing they've got going on. Written for spn_meanttobe

100 Days to Domestic Bliss (And Other Messes) (20K)
Jensen falling for Jared is easy. Living with him is not.
Written for: strangeallure for spn_j2_xmas
Timestamp: Day 405: It's their one-year anniversary and Jensen's got to find the perfect gift.

First Time Camper (2500)
Jensen didn't really know what to expect when Jared invited him to a weekend of camping. He definitely didn't expect how small the tent and air mattress would be, but they find a way to make it work. Written for salt_burn_porn

Fuel the Fire (2k)
Jared's hesitant to go for a ride. But it's Jensen, and he doesn't want to pass this moment. NC-17

Still Here We Are (12K)
Foster brothers for four years. Estranged for fifteen. Not much has changed between them, really. Written for spn_cinema, based on Four Brothers

A Most Awesome Soccer Verse Master Post (includes all timestamps by name/subject)
Jensen coaches pee wee soccer, coaches Jared's kid, and he's definitely not crushing on him. Seriously, he's not. Except, he totally is.

Finding Out the Ways of This World
Jensen ambles through L.A. life waiting for his break, a chance, notoriety. As he fails more and more, his mood continues on a steady decline as does his general way of life. Meeting Jared is a life-altering event, but he can't take advantage of the connection until he gets his life in order. Written for corbyinoz for help_haiti

Be Cool. Be Hard. Be Weird. (It's Just Four Years)
Jared's popular, but not too popular; Jensen's quiet, but too quiet. When Jared forges on to befriend Jensen, he thinks it'll just be a fun test of wills, but he gets more than he'd bargained for. They both do. HS AU! Written for karabou for help_haiti (21K)

I'd Kick Ass on a Test About You and Me
Jared rocks at Calculus, but he fails at paying attention when it comes to Jensen. College AU! Written for enablelove under spn_j2_xmas (26K)

No Strings Could Secure You
The Media Freeze took away all music, movies, and gaming systems to sterilize citizens of any excessive emotions and let them live their own lives. Media Agent Jared Padalecki upholds the Freeze, destroying media and arresting those who possess it. But his world viewpoint is skewed when he watches a TV show and experiences what all the offenders have – raw emotion. His life is further upended when he builds a friendship with actor Jensen Ackles, who turns him onto more entertainment and opens his eyes to the beauty of this creative world. (38K)

Why I'm Talking to You Master Post
Jensen Ackles' career is going just fine and dandy. He's chasing after a new client, he's up for a promotion, and while he's working absolutely too many hours, he's doing some really damn fine work. But his routine is shot to hell once Jared Padalecki starts working at the security desk in his building's lobby ... (23K)

I Think It's Time to Give This Game a Ride
Jared Padalecki loves his summer softball, and his team doesn't take it too lightly either. They play with a vengeance and are still in a deep, hatred-filled rivalry with the league's other hot team. Jared's play lights up when he hooks up with Jensen Ackles, but will the hot streak last all summer long? He has to face the rivals and what created it in the first place. (37K)

Club Can't Handle Us Now
NC-17 | Jensen did a lot of things, but he did not club. Until the power of Jared compels him. (3K)

Secret Agent Man
Adam and Eve had the apple, but Jared’s got the orange. And when bright green slop drips from his fruit and burns his hands, it’s only the beginning of a crazy seventy-two hours. Written for spook_me

Boats and Hoes
Wherein Jared is J-Boozie, a hard edged rapper, Chad is Chazzizle (the Snoop to his Dre), and Jensen is a crankypants!blogger who can't stop sleeping with him. TOTAL CRACK I TELL YA (5K)
Seashells and Tidal Waves
The unneeded, shameful sequel to Boats 'n Hoes. J-Boozie and Jens don't seem to be 4-Evs, especially when Jensen meets the next great thing, singer-songwriter Pellegrino. But everything's relative and Jensen has to decide if moving to the other end of the spectrum is really such a great idea.
BnH's Timestamps

It's a Dog Eat Jared World
Jensen comes home from work to the unexpected. (puppy and schmoop)

Blind Auditions
As the music industry’s rising country star, Jared mans one of the judge’s seats on the newest singing competition, hoping to tap into the next new star. But he can’t keep his mind off one of the other judges.

Just a Little Office Maintenance
Jared pines, oh does he pine, for the maintenance guy in his office. (4.2K)
Just a Little Office Fun
One quick stop in the office turns into a great, long time. (2K)

Texts From Last Night (TFLN) Comment Fic
Wherein Jensen unplugs Jared's alarm, Jared pisses on Jensen's clothes, and angry sex ensues.
Baby Come Around, Keep on Comin' Around
Sequel to TFLN: After that one day in the bathroom, they only see each other at lunchtime. Jensen wants more. (3K)

Train Fic Master Post
Wherein Jared and Jensen ride train. And Jensen is forever cranky.

Girl!Jensen/Jared (NC-17)
Bus Stop, Bus Goes. Prompt: Jenny feels him watching her on the way home from school so she hikes up her skirt a little more. Jared eventually makes a move and gropes her from behind. It escalates from day to day. She's shocked that she so turned as she is. She likes it and goes back for more, looking forward to it from then on.
He Stays, Love Grows: The last meeting at the convenient store before summer break.
In the Deep: It's the first time since that last time on the bus, and Jenny's got a little something to show off.

Give Life
Jensen didn’t sign up to give blood, and he certainly didn’t sign up to meet Jared.
Part of Five times Jensen Ackles Realized He Was in Love With Jared Padalecki

Piano Nanny
For matalinolukaret's birthday! She asked for: Jared babysits his niece and Jensen is her piano teacher that has lessons when Jared's there.

I should have kept drinking, a coma can't be as bad as this hangover
For queenklu's birthday. He’s pretty sure there are about ninety-nine other things that happened, and the fact that Chad – Chad – thought it was a stellar night, scares him all to hell.

Jared is a coffee cup. Jensen is a fire hydrant. They like each other. A lot

Office Grunts


Dear Neighbors
As a law student, Jensen's used to long, sleepless nights. What he's not used to is all the headboard banging and cries for Big Daddy happening in the apartment next door that keep him up all night. (9300)

Shine on the Occasion
Jensen put a hand out and quickly argued. “Look, we don’t even have to do anything. We won’t even touch. She’s just, like, obsessed with your hands. And your neck. And she feels safe with you doing it. Don’t know why, but whatever. She just does. You know, you just do things to her and I’ll be there with her, then you leave and we’re fine.” Right.
Come On Make It Last
Jared [un?]knowingly sets Jensen and Danneel off again, all thanks to a few servings of fruit.
Flawless, Undressed
“No, he’s right,” Danneel cuts in, moving off Jared and right to Jensen. She all but slinks over his body, slides in tight next to him, and Jensen immediately touches her hips and back, softly kissing her. “Stop thinkin’ with the upstairs brain.”
Couldn't Tie Me Down
Written for Round 4 of blindfold_spn for the prompt: Danneel lets J2 call the shots for once and finds that she enjoys it. Fully consensual preferred and bonus points for dirty talk or bondage.

Part One: If It's a Day, a Month, a Year
When Cameron James agreed on Jared Padalecki to be her co-star, she kind of knew what she was getting into ... he was gorgeous and funny and charming ... but she could handle it. When they became drinking buddies, it all goes to hell from there.

SPN Casefic
Kitty Kitty, Bang Bang (19K)
Sam and Dean hit Santa Barbara on the basis of missing persons reports, Plain Jane types who seemingly disappear without a trace. When they get too close to the problem, Dean falls victim to the same fate. There’s far too much research and not enough answers. But, the real question is which of them has it worse: Sam, who has to figure out the entire case on his own with no help from his brother and the inability to keep his cool. Or Dean, who now has four paws, three eyelids, and a batch of whiskers. They say curiosity killed the cat, but Sam and Dean aren’t going down without a fight.

Long Train Running
The Boys make their way to Chicago to investigate a series of train accidents. But it's not as easy as they thought it'd be, especially when they meet a girl who takes a liking to Sam and utter dislike to Dean. (13K)
Double Trouble
The Brothers Winchester find themselves investigating some freaky incidents at a day care in Missouri. Dean tries his best to avoid vulgarities while getting up close and personal with the education system, and Sam solves the case via crappy movies-of-the-week. (7K)
Can't Find My Way Home
When Andie has visions of Sam in rough shape and Dean loses track of his brother, they team up (to Dean's reluctance) to get him back. But things get complicated when Andie is drawn into the situation and is actually a key piece of the pie. (10K)
Stranger Things Have Happened
When Sam's listless over Dean's disappearance, Andie insists they go out on the road to track him down. (13K)

Wrapped Up in You, and Me, and Us
Sam finds more than what she needs; it's what she wants. Written for spn_fs_exchange. girl!Sam/Jess (2,400)

When We're Wounded Together
Sam wants to leave. Wincest with girl!Sam. (1,500)
Dreaming of a White Christmas (and you)
He stands outside the elevator, watching as co-eds rush through the lobby and laugh and give him the eye. It’s a familiar look, one full of heat and liking, one he’d usually chase down and take serious consideration for. But his palms are sweaty ...
More Wincest with girl!Sam. (1,700)

Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds (6600)
Lucifer's done a lot of bad in his life, but he always has seen it for good. Unfortunately, the grand court doesn't, and he's forced to relive his greatest hits and the B sides. Written for this prompt for spn_reversebang 2013-2014

5.22 Codas, Featuring Dean and Ben
A Purpose to This Life: Dean smiles, but it breaks, because it’s been far too long since he’s seen his brother’s face.
Doing Your Best to Get By: When he wakes, when he sees shadows that can’t immediately be explained, hears creaky floorboards, he goes to Dean’s side of the bed.
Can We Pretend? When Dean's by himself, he counts stars; one time Ben joins him.
After All It Was You and Me: Sam's falling, when he's not tortured, until a hand reaches out. (Sam-centric)

Five Times Castiel Kept Their Appointment

You Arrested My Mind
5.04 Coda: Sam sees himself in 2014. (2K)

Three Times Sam Almost Called Dean, and One Time He Did (1K)

5.05 Coda

Various Icon!Mini!Fics
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